About Betty

London Taxi Black cab before transition into a white wedding car

Previous life

Before Betty became our wedding car, she had a full working life as a Taxi on the streets of London. She did her full 15 years, and in that time she must have carried tens of thousands of passengers, and almost certainly a few famous people along the way!

She was owned by a Cabbie called Eddie before we got her, and Eddie is now retired and living in Spain.

Burgundy leather seats and silk flowers in a white London Taxi wedding car

The Makeovers

Not surprisingly, she looked old and tired after her hard life, and it was necessary to give her a lot of TLC , involving some mechanical work and some new bodywork, and then the conversion into the unique wedding car that she now is. She had a complete colour change to Old English White, some new burgundy leather seats and with coordinating carpets, and some added bling with a chrome grill and new shiny wheel trims.

Her second makeover in November 2019 has taken Betty to a new level with more bodywork and another repaint, and she's probably in as good a condition as she's ever been since new!


The new Betty

Owning a vehicle of this age, with the amount of work she's done over the years, means there's always something new to be done, but we're proud of the transformation we've made in her, and according to our reviews from our satisfied couples, they're more than happy with what we've achieved too!